Samantha Paradise Villa

Samantha Paradise Villa

There’s good reason why Dimitra named her villa Samantha Paradise. Its magical location in a garden by the beach and within an attractive Peloponnesian village surrounded by hills makes it indeed heavenly.

The idyllic beach of Argolida, the quaint village of Kyveri, and the gorgeous nearby town of Nafplion make Samantha a great villa for a group of friends or a family. Add to that famous archeological sites, a handful of museums and great ecotourism opportunities, and you’re on your way to a fabulous vacation that will unveil the best of Greece.

To begin with, the two-floor mansion is the epitome of Greek hospitality: the friendly owners live downstairs and guests book the whole top floor which features two double rooms and two triple rooms (i.e. enough for 10 people!). The garden is a delight as you’ll be tempted to pick a ripe orange or a lemon off the tree, as you admire the olive orchard and flower garden. There’s a small ‘farm’ tucked at the edge of this large estate which guarantees fresh eggs in the morning.

Mouthwatering homemade and local delicacies

Speaking of fresh eggs, you’ll be happy to know that Dimitra shares the bounty of her land with her guests, so you’ll be seeing a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, and olive oil too. Your well-equipped kitchen will have you cooking in no time, although you’d be missing out if you don’t ask Dimitra to prepare some delicious local dishes as you sit back and relax.

Indeed, Dimitra can cook up a storm of delicious dishes upon request. She takes pride in preparing the most amazing breakfasts with warm cakes, locally prepared jams, fluffy puddings, handmade savory pies, crepes and a variety of ‘baked omelets’ with different goodies inside.

For another real culinary treat head to the nearby village of Kefalari with its delicious ‘taverna’ restaurants. There is also a very notable ‘taverna’ called Periptero Aspides with fabulous Greek food and music, situated on Aspidas Hill (Lofos Aspidas) on the edge of the nearby town of Argos.

Museums, churches and castles that will amaze

Beyond lazing on the beach in Kyveri and indulging in the area’s good food, there are many enticing activities that the region has to offer. A visit to the Archeological Museum of Argos to admire its collection and Byzantine mosaics is well worth the effort, and if you want to delve into more recent history head to the little Folklore museum of Kefalari, a village with fresh springs and delicious tavernas to dine in.

Kefalari also boasts an enchanting cave church of Zoodochos Pigi (Life-giving spring) which is built over the Erasinos river. If you’re amazed by ecclesiastical traditions you must visit the Monastery of Panagia Katakekrimeni (also known as Panagia Portokalousa) in Argos, built on a sacred hill from ancient times. The peaceful Lokous Monastery in nearby Arkadia has an ancient little church in its central courtyard that visitors are also impressed by. Easter is of course a great time to visit as the region’s churches boast some unique traditions and events that will dazzle.

In the meantime, Castle lovers should head to the Byzantine and Frankish castle of Argos on top of a hill which was built over an even more ancient castle, before moving on to the stunning Palamidi Castle of Nafplion and the Bourtzi fortress of its coast. The first two are a quick drive from Kyveri and the third is just a five-minute boat ride from the harbor of Nafplion.

Archeology and nature-filled adventures await

For a walk in nature and history head to the famous theatre of Epidaurus which is truly one of the world’s wonders and where there are different plays and music events in summer. For a lesser known treat the ancient theatre of Argos, which is even older than the Epidaurus one and is also a venue for cultural events.

Eco-adventures are plentiful in this part of Greece, from trekking, diving and biking to windsurfing, kite-surfing and reveling in the wineries of nearby Nemea. You can even go on a fishing excursion of you want and bring back your own seafood meal.

A winter wonderland of activities

To be fair, the best seasons to visit Samantha Paradise are autumn, winter and spring. Most outdoor activities such as biking and hiking are a pleasure during these relatively mild season, and there’s even some skiing about an hour away on the mountaintops of the Peloponnese. Closer to home, if you like to try your hand at some traditional Greek dancing, Dimitra will be more than happy to arrange some fun-filled dance lessons. Participating in the land’s agricultural activities is an excellent opportunity for the soul: visit mountain villages during chestnut harvest time in October, or orange-picking season in October and November. The intriguing olive harvest season is in November and December, while the region’s sublime wineries can be visited all year round (you’re actually very close to Nemea, the famous wine-growing area of the Peloponnese). If you’re an epicurean, the hearty food in the area’s villages will warm your palate, and the ‘tavernas’ in Kyveri itself will delight you with some quality live Greek music as well. Great cheeses (and visits to dairy farms) will open up your appetite as well. The possibilities in this part of the Peloponnese are truly unlimited.

Ask Dimitra to arrange with one of the local reputable companies an exciting adventure of your choice or for a guide to take you to some of the most interesting places. Overall, Kyveri is an excellent quiet spot by the beach to discover the rest of the region, and Samantha Paradise along with the owner will go all out to ensure that you won’t be disappointed in any way.



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