Pothiti Studios

Pothiti Studios

If you’ve dreamed of living in a little white house on a Greek island, the Pothiti Studios will make your dream come true. This traditional-looking property surrounded by bougainvillea and other flowering plants offers a stunning view that overlooks the sea.

The eight spacious studios have complete kitchenettes that are perfect for preparing an easy meal and dining al fresco on the terrace, presenting a lovely culinary opportunity supported by the two little local markets in town. Modern kitchen aside, within the simple yet lovely whitewashed houses and wooden awnings, the property has all the necessary high-tech amenities such as free wi-fi internet and flat-screen satellite television.

Just a two-minute walk away from the quiet and serene Pothiti Studios is the little main town of Stavros which offers a delightful restaurant, a seaman’s coffee shop and even an open pub-like nightspot over the port that attracts a younger crowd.

Around the property are many hiking paths that can take you to stunning beaches, including Kedros Beach in less than 20 minutes. Best of all is the warm hospitality of Mrs. Pothiti herself who takes extra care to ensure that the rooms are always clean and that you’re comfortable.

This is a great place to discover the island by foot and enjoy its serenity, whether you’re coming here to write a book, laze in the sun all day or discover the culinary pleasures of Donousa. The Pothiti Studios are open all year round, offering great opportunities of relaxation and adventure during the mild fall and spring.


Hotel Information

Pothiti Studios
Location: Donousa
Open:all-year round
Contact Details:

Stavros, Donousa, Cyclades, P.O. 8430 0

+30 22850 51590, 51571, 79090


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