Pirrion Boutique Hotel

Pirrion Boutique Hotel

What a spectacular grandiose mansion, renovated to its full past glory and transformed into a guesthouse like no other. Period-era furnishings, stone walls, wooden ceilings, fireplaces, wall paintings and cozy rugs conspire to create a great stay in the middle of nature.

The Pirrion Boutique Hotel is like a gallery of curiosities yet maintains a crisp clean look and modern amenities that will delight visitors. Fitting perfectly with the area’s traditional yet lavish stone-built homes, the Pirrion will also captivate you with its location and myriad health, outdoor sports and ecotourism opportunities.

From hiking and yoga to rafting and spa tub

Hike through the nearby Vikos Gorge, dubbed the deepest in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. Try climbing on the slopes of the Tymfis mountain range, go rafting on the Voidomatis and Aoos rivers, enjoy some mountain biking on old mountain paths and take a horse-ride through nature.

We also have to commend the Pirrion hotel on introducing yoga in the middle of nature, complete with three different packages that incorporate breathing, meditation, and a choice of yoga approaches such as hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, yin, inyengar and nidra.

Greek food goes gourmet

Impress your palate with the delicious breakfast buffet and on-premises Skatzohiros restaurant that both consider local ingredients and cuisine (handpicked mushrooms, backyard eggs, village cheeses, local mountain greens filled with antioxidants and much more). Even the rooms were named after local and regional fruits (sour cherry, quince, chestnut, etc.). You’ll also see locally prepared yet somehow ‘exotic’ fruit jams on the award-winning breakfast table, as well as delicious savory pies, tangy orange cake, fresh fruit juices, sweet halva, and many more goodies. While Epirus is known for its good free-range meat choices, the owners have also made sure that there are also both vegetarian and vegan options (including a deliciously local vegan dish is known as Fasolia me Horta, or giant beans baked in the oven with herbs and greens). Overall, expect sophisticated Greek cuisine with a rich homemade twist at the restaurant.

Green practices

This region of Greece, Zagarohoria, is known for its traditional building techniques, and the Perrion is no exception to this wonderful architectural heritage. Stone, wood and old building wisdom (which today we call ‘bioclimatic’) all contribute to saving energy, keeping the place cool in summer and retaining warmth in winter. Add to this modern advances like double-glazed windows and LED illumination, and you’ve got yourself a fabulously old-meets-new energy efficient property.

Our admiration goes out to the owners who despite having no recycling system in the area take their plastic to the city of Ioannina and dispose of it in dedicated recycling bins there. A towel and sheet reuse program also helps conserve energy and contribute to sustainability. Heated water and heating in winter are provided by energy-efficient heat pumps that also minimize pollution. More green practices are on the way, as the owners of Pirrion embrace an increasingly eco-outlook on their highly recommended property.




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Pirrion Boutique Hotel
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Ano Pedina, Zagorohoria, Ioannina 44007

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