Philoxenia Hotel

Here’s a very good all-inclusive choice for families offering excellent value for money, with really great Greek buffets, lovely gardens, a nearby beach and a quaint seaside town. Philoxenia Bungalows also represent the perfect starting point to discover all of Halkidiki!

In a property surrounded by pine trees, the Philoxenia Bungalows will impress you with their comfortable rooms, generous buffets and family environment. The property is just a few minutes’ walk from the little seaside town of Psakoudia, which is great if you want to enjoy yourself without getting into your car.

For those who love nature, Halkidiki offers many hiking and biking paths, and the reception can get you in touch with individuals and companies who offer different tourism activities. You can also go hiking by yourself as there are some hiking trails not too far from the property. The nearby beach offers swimming and volleyball games, while a diving center that will show you the underwater marvels of the area.

The nearby village of Ormylia is home to a monastery run by more than 100 nuns that is famed for its beautiful chanting on Sundays (enquire ahead about opening times). And then there’s exploring the whole of Halkidiki from here, from its mountain villages and splendid beaches to its old towers and museums.

Last but not least, we have to commend Philoxenia Bungalows for their efforts to go green and respect the environment. Waste recycling, green cleaning products, reuse of cooking oil, eco-friendly supplies, solar water heating and energy efficiency are embedded in the property’s philosophy, attested to by its ISO 14001. The management also works on engaging clients with respect to the environment, setting an excellent example in the tourism sector.



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Philoxenia Hotel
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