Orestis House, Ano Pedina, Zagori

Orestis House, Ano Pedina, Zagori

In one of Zagori’s oldest villages which is still going strong today, Orestis House will surprise you with its authenticity, warmth, delicious restaurant and the opportunities it offers to nature-loving travelers.

Named after its former owner, a relative of the family which now runs the property, Orestis House will captivate you with its two buildings that were erected over 150 years ago. Indeed the region of Zagori or Zagarohori is well known across Greece for its stone-built architecture and its expert building masters. Over the years, many improvements were made to this traditional guesthouse, yet its authentic character has been fully preserved: traditional flocati rugs, large fireplaces, low wooden beds, epoch furniture, lots of cushions and the absence of televisions in the rooms are some of the characteristics that you’re bound to admire.

Tastes, scents and flavors of the mountain

A very important part of Orestis Guesthouse is its delicious traditional ‘taverna’ restaurant which has also stayed true to the region’s age-old recipes and slow cooking methods. To begin with, the restaurant will first impress you with its cozy atmosphere, stone walls and even some more modern posters that add a bit of more contemporary European flair and culture.

The best part of this experience is, however the food, starting with the generous breakfast: homemade jams, local honey, puffy friend bread, country eggs and delicious savory pies that the region is known for. Beyond breakfast, consider beginning your main meal with starters such as eggplant with tomato and feta cheese, as well as pork bites with red peppers and graviera cheese. Herb pies, succulent meats and country-style baked beans are just some of the dishes you can enjoy. Particularly good regional dishes include Greek ‘coq au vin’, braised lamb and rabbit cooked in the oven, best paired with the robust local wines from the region. Finish off your meal with some of the delicious desserts on offer!

One of the best hiking destinations in Greece

Get ready to embark on some fantastic hiking trips starting from Orestis House. Walk on old stone paths that connect villages together and across many gorgeous stone bridges from Ottoman times (the bridges are in fact famed for their old architectural characteristics and for withstanding the test of time). There are also signposted routes for hiking in nature, and the weather in Zagori is almost never unbearably hot. In one hour from the nearby village of Agios Minas you can reach the bridge of Vodomati, climbing over the hills for some great views of the Voidomati Gorge and the towers of Papingo. Specifically, some proposed hiking routes include Agios Minas to Voidomatis, Monodendri to Vikos, Dipotamos to Frangades, and Elati to Agios Minas.

Even around the village of Pedina itself there are some great attractions worth visiting by foot, including the old Secondary School, the Monastery of Evangelistria built in 1786 and the church of Agios Dimitrios which dates from 1793. Overall the greater area holds many other secrets, from manmade architectural wonders to unparalleled biodiversity, so prepare yourself a truly special Greek experience when you visit Orestis House.




Hotel Information

Orestis House, Ano Pedina, Zagori
Location: Ioannina
Contact Details:

Ano Pedina, Zagori 44007

+30 26530 71202, +30 6944394193




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