Kyveli Suites, Nafplio

Kyveli Suites, Nafplio

Tucked away along the narrow romantic streets of Nafplio, Kyveli Suites offers you a haven of peace and relaxation amidst modern comforts and unique style.

The property is housed in two renovated buildings over a century and a half old, while the suites feature traditional architecture and design, boasting grandiose cultural heritage and respect towards the natural environment. Oak floors and vaulted fir ceilings create intimate warmth and liberating space.

Kyveli Suites are named after the eastern Earth mother goddess who was later adopted by the Greeks and assimilated into their original earth deity, Gaia. Characterised by creativity, love, beauty, harmony and a respect for nature, she embodied the qualities that Kyveli Suites strive to provide their guests today.

This charming property is located in the heart of the old town, mere footsteps away from open air cafes, cosy restaurants, colourful gellateries and charming shops. With imposing Venetian Palamidi fortress and virtually surrounded by the sea, the town’s incredible history and timeless beauty are to be found around each corner. Strolling along the city’s promenade and picturesque alleyways is certainly one of the best ways to enjoy your time here. One could easily spend months exploring the town and still fail to uncover all its treasures.

Adventure-seekers can climb the impressive 999 steps up to the Palamidi fortress and gaze out to the sea and plains of Argolida below. Just behind the fortress lie crystalline waters and an opportunity to sunbathe and swim along Nafplio’s coast. Further on, walking trails wind their way through some of the most impressive landscapes throughout the region of Argolida.

Kyveli’s knowledgeable staff organises hiking expeditions and small excursions allowing you to experience the area’s beauty to the fullest, with three hiking routes that are of particular interest. The first takes you to the famous site and theatre of Epidaurus, as well as the notable monastery known as Moni Kalamakiou. The second will tour you through an ancient Mycenaean path, while the third will unveil the beauty of the Moni Avgou, a captivating Byzantine monastery.

Kyveli’s luxurious and welcoming atmosphere may make coming back from your travels the best part of the trip. Sink into a bath featuring hydro massage and let the excitement of the day wane down to a low ebb of bliss and serenity. Enjoy a glass of the region’s wine while overlooking the city’s streets from your balcony before drifting off to sleep in your large and luxurious bed.

Awake refreshed and rejuvenated as you enjoy a rich and nourishing complimentary breakfast complete with freshly-squeezed orange juice along with an assortment of traditional homemade pies and cakes. It is worth mentioning that you will eat well in Nafplio with a variety of excellent indoor and outdoor local restaurants that serve lunch and dinner.

If you’re an oenophile, visit the nearby Palivos winery to indulge in the elixir of locally grown grapes. You may even want to explore the winemaking region of Nemea tucked in the rolling hills barely half an hour away.

Whether you want to see it all or just leisurely stroll the alleyways of Nafplio’s magical old town, Kyveli Suites is the perfect destination for those looking for discrete sophistication and authentic tradition.


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Kyveli Suites, Nafplio
Location: Argolida
Contact Details:

Vasilisis Alexandrou 18-20, Nafplio

+30 27520 96230

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