Kostantakis Cave Winery Residence

Kostantakis Cave Winery Residence

Great accommodation in nicely decorated rooms, surrounded by a colourful garden as well as the amazing Kostantakis winery and farm, complete with organic vegetables. The property is just a few minutes’ walk from the heart of Pollonia.

Milos is simply magical, and Kostantakis Studios are a great place to experience its enchanting spirit. As you sit on the lovely terrace of your little private studio, you can take in the views and sounds of nature in the middle of the island countryside. This quiet, clean and bright Zen-like place reminds you of the finer things in life, set in lovely Mediterranean gardens with endemic plants.

The rooms have a modern Cycladic feel with the color white dominating, dotted occasionally with perfect tones of blue-green. The owners of Kostantakis have a little private winery that just recently celebrated its certification as a bona fide Cycladic winery with some surprisingly delicious tastes. There are three labels (two white and one rosé) at this little winery that’s built into an old family cave, so make sure you take the staircase behind the property and visit during the wine-tasting sessions. All these wonderful efforts are achieved by the Greek-German couple who run the property, combining local beauty with high standards, reflecting a certain harmony in this wonderful place.

Apart from the winery, the couple grow their own vegetables that guests can use to make their own light Mediterranean dishes or salads. The local bounty includes zucchini, peppers, potatoes, onions, eggplants, tomatoes, grapes, watermelon and honey melon, depending on the season. If it’s a good year for the olive harvest, Kostantakis may sell some of its locally grown olive oil, which is usually just enough to cover the family’s needs. To top it off, the kitchenette in each studio is the perfect place to cook a light meal such as Greek salad, vegetarian pasta or a sweet fruit salad.

If you want a delicious and more hearty Mediterranean meal take a lazy 10-minute stroll to the village of Pollonia and enjoy one of its several good seaside restaurants, as well as a very local pastry shop with organic products. Drink an iced coffee in the busy café or take a boat from there for a boat trip to Kimolos. Other activities such as diving, kayaking and windsurfing can be found or arranged in Pollonia too, so you have a healthy range of activities not far off. Kostantakis is truly a great place to stay in and opens you to a world of tastes and activities that will make your visit to Milos a great one.


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Kostantakis Cave Winery Residence
Location: Milos
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Pollonia, Milos 848 00

+30 22870 41125, + 30 6938970066



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