Kimolia Gi Studios

Kimolia Gi Studios

Enjoy back-to-the-land heaven and the most beautiful, white sandy beach while staying at these studios, where the food is freshly gathered or baked. You can even cook your own catch in the outdoor oven or grill and try homemade wine.

The clear green waters and white sand of Prassa beach draw more and more visitors to Kimolos each year. Looking as though it belonged on an island in the Caribbean rather than the Aegean, the exotic landscape intoxicates all who are lucky enough to revel in it.

A mere 200 meters from the utopian setting of Prassa, you’ll find another kind of paradise. A place where whispering breezes lull you to sleep and pure morning light gently awakens you. Here, breakfast isn’t just something you eat on the go. It means sitting down to enjoy the bounty of Kimolian soil. Fresh fruits and organic milk and eggs from our farm revitalise your body and mind. Freshly baked pies and pure juices rejuvenate the senses as you gaze out onto the sparkling waters of the Aegean from your veranda.

Welcome to Kimolia Gi, a stunning eco-friendly property whose name means “Kimolian Land”. The four spacious studios and small family farm don’t just offer you a place to stay. They invite you to experience Kimolos in a way that few visitors ever do. Whether you wish to discover every square kilometre of this small island or simply explore the farm, the owners aim to give you the vacation you dream of.

Take a boat ride around Kimolos and its surrounding isles where you’ll sunbathe on deserted beaches and enjoy a picnic of grilled fish and fresh salads. Dive into the crystalline waters to encounter shipwrecks, shells and a variety of sea life. You may even catch a glimpse of the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal which seeks shelter on our island.

Back on land, set out on foot or on bikes the property provides and make your way to the island’s unofficial emblem, the petrified “mushroom” rock of Skiadi. Along the way, you can gather a wide array of fragrant and medicinal herbs the island benevolently offers. Make the journey to Aliki, where migratory birds nest in the salt marshes that act as an invaluable ecosystem to numerous amphibians and reptiles. Take a ride on donkeys to the cave of Vromolitho and explore the gently rolling hills of Kimolos.

Get to know the island’s history and people within the charming stone alleyways of the main settlement of Hora. Here you can visit both the Archaeological Museum of Kimolos as well as the island’s Folklore Museum. If you prefer to see its heritage up close and personal, we can arrange for a tour of the sites with a local archaeologist.

Let the locals welcome you with succulent traditional dishes made with locally-grown products and served in delightful tavernas. Take a leisurely stroll through the bougainvilleas which gracefully hang from the quaint white-washed homes of Hora and meander in and out of shops featuring hand-crafted souvenirs made with a genuine love of the land. Sample refreshing cocktails and mingle with the islanders in one of the many laid-back bars.

As the sun sets the sky ablaze in an array of fiery colours, take your shoes off and unwind back in your comfortable and cosy studio. You’ll feel right at home within your spacious living room decorated with paintings of Kimolian landscapes and surrounded by modern comforts. And just when you may begin to believe that you truly are at home, venture out onto your veranda with a glass of homemade wine and let the views of the sea at sunset convince you that you are actually in paradise.


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Kimolia Gi Studios
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