Keos Katoikies (Keos Homes)

Keos Katoikies (Keos Homes)

The Keos Homes is popular with those who want to discover the best of Kea, an island that is pleasantly off the tourist map and that hides many delightful surprises.

You’ll be very happy with the comfortable rooms and nice furnishings, down to the marine motif elements which fit perfectly with this property overlooking the Mediterranean.

Beyond the gorgeous rooms and the spacious sea-view balconies where one could laze for hours over a bottle of Greek wine and enjoy the view, the all-day café and breakfast terrace offers delicious homemade breakfasts with homemade jams and daily baked local bread, plus some hot croissants to add a touch of continental sophistication.

The whole property functions in harmony with its surroundings, particularly since it is built with traditional stone to preserve the local architecture and surrounded by greenery. Don’t be fooled with the cozy, traditional look, however, as on the inside there are all the modern comforts that you might desire: the rooms boast high-tech facilities such flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, refrigerator, internet and telephone.

Even with all this comfort, you’ll be tempted to spend your time on one of the three nearby beaches within walking distance, as well as discover the attractions and nature of this island. To begin with, Kea has a rare oak forest with 36 km of hiking trails, over half of which are actually paved. You’ll come across isolated beaches, archeological sites and the fascinating fauna and flora of the island.

The island’s manmade attractions on Kea are also worth visiting. These range from neoclassical buildings that were built over a century ago by Ernst Ziller, a famous German architect, to the Archeological Museum in the main town, Ioulida. The latter is also home to the rock-carved Lion of Kea, a 13th century Venetian castle, and the ancient tower of Agia Marina.

Finally, your enchanting travels through Kea will take you to a historic lighthouse, a prehistoric settlement, and a Cliffside monastery. Keos Homes in the perfect base to discover all these attractions and take it the beautiful local color of this Aegean island that’s off the beaten track.


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Keos Katoikies (Keos Homes)
Location: Kea (Tzia)
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Korissia, Kea, Cyclades

+30 22880 21661, +30 22880 21663

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