Dreaming of some peace and quiet on one of Greece’s most beautiful islands? You’re going to fall in love with this beautiful traditional Cycladic house on Naxos. It certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to being both secluded and eco-friendly, a perfect retreat and base to enjoy the island.

Kambones, the historical house named after the natural paradise where it’s located, lies serenely on a hill in the heart of the island just 12 minutes away from the town of Naxos. It represents the perfect base not only to discover the island but also to relax, rejuvenate and even entertain. The owner Sophia Karavias along with her two sons, has put a lot of love into creating an authentic getaway for discerning guests. The family members, who live very close to Kambones and love to be gracious hosts, are avid proponents of sustainability.

You’ll be charmed by this traditional house and its surprising functionality, despite it dating from the 17th century! Prized antique heirlooms, stone-paved floors, upcycled wooden furniture from rare wood, exquisite traditional lace, and a gorgeous terrace to admire the verdant hilly landscape… these are just some of the elements that will enrich your stay and increase your attachment to this place.

Truly special experiences and activities

The family also proposes several intriguing activities and tours that you can choose from. For example, you can learn all about olive production and harvesting, including a tasting session of top-rated olive oil. In addition, one of Sophia’s sons, Nikos, is a talented classical guitarist and loves to enchant an audience with his music, so we recommend planning a musical evening at Kambones under the night sky of the island. Art lessons are also available upon request, so are yoga and massage therapies.

If you’re a nature lover, you must embark on different hiking excursions, which can be combined with historical and cultural insights that will unveil the true Naxos to curious visitors. In an island known for its delicious food, culinary tours and cooking lessons are also worth considering.

All over the island there are gorgeous villages to discover such as Halki and Apeiranthos, archeological sites that will reveal how life was millennia ago, and greenery not found on other Cyclades islands. Fascinating little museums, sumptuous traditional restaurants, stunning beaches and warm island hospitality are all part of the offerings on Naxos, and Kambones is simply that perfect quiet spot to start exploring it all.

Sustainability from the heart

Sophia and her family have carefully restored an old family home following the principles of sustainability as much as possible. Maintaining a fresh, ambient temperature almost all year round, the house has no need for air conditioning, thanks to centuries-old wisdom of local bioclimatic architecture: the extra thick, whitewashed brick walls keep out the heat in summer and the cold in winter. Likewise, the smaller, higher-placed windows bring in enough light in summer while minimizing heat loss yet bringing in more sun during cooler months.

Energy efficiency is further improved through discrete solar water heating, LED lighting and lighting sensors where possible, in addition to electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources, certified by the electric company. Only homemade eco cleaners (green olive soap and vinegar) are used on the property, along with a recycling policy in place, to lead on the island by example. Even organic waste goes to the local donkeys in the area. It is worth noting that the use of plastic has been virtually eliminated and the waste bags are made from organic biodegradable material. While Naxos is one of the few islands that has its own fresh water, the owners take care not to over-utilize this precious resource.

Lastly, keeping in mind that a major part of sustainability is about people and the local community, this abode brings life to a more remote area of the island. Overall, Kambones offers a plethora of activities that engage the locals, contributing to their economic livelihood in this way. This place is a gem, a true antidote to both pandemics and mass tourism.

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Hotel Information

Location: Naxos
Open:April to November
Contact Details:

Naxos-to-Moni road, Melanes

+30 6973210402