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If you’re looking for a charming little no-frills hotel in town that is a five-minute walk to the beach and to Aegina’s colorful harbor cafés, this is it. The Aegina Hotel is unique because of its surprising artistic element, proximity to many attractions and partnership with the nearby sailing club.

The property is run by an intriguing Romanian-American couple that has embraced the beauty of its adopted island and has contributed to its wellbeing in many ways. Once you enter the homely hotel, you will likely be greeted by Mrs. Aura who takes pride in making excellent local breakfasts and keeping the hotel very clean. You will surely bump into her husband Mr. Victor, an established artist who runs an artists’ workshop in summer that has produced some fine painters in recent years. In fact, Mr. Victor’s work and even some of his students’ accomplishments decorate the lobby and transform it into a fine little gallery that makes you want to look around the beautiful artwork and trinkets. You will be amazed by some of the limited-collection reproductions here, based on Mr. Victor’s original masterpieces, and might be attracted to acquire your very own piece of Aegina from this modest gallery.

Another pleasantly distinctive feature about the hotel is the palm-tree breakfast terrace in the back, popular with writers, artists, hotel guests and an occasional friendly cat. The local breakfast is served here, from tea and coffee to omelets and homemade jam, under the shade of three healthy palm trees. Like the terrace in front of the hotel, this is a good place to mix and mingle with friends.

After breakfast you’ll be ready to discover the island, perhaps renting a bicycle or one of the mechanical quad bikes parked up front from the hotel. Yet even without any transportation, this little property is so close to everything, from the archaeological site of Kolona and its museum to the beach and sea-front restaurants.

What’s more, Aegina’s main bus stop is only a three-minute walk away, enabling you to jump on a bus and go anywhere on the island, such as the Temple of Aphaia, the famous cathedral and monastery of Agios Nektarios and the lovely sandy beach of Agia Marina. From the authentic fish restaurants of Perdika to the medieval ruins of Palia Chora (Old Town), this island has a lot of secrets to reveal.

In terms of activities the Aegina Hotel has also partnered with Aegean Sea & Sail, a sailing school that will take you on amazing adventures to nearby coves and islands. Scuba diving and other activities can also be arranged by Mrs. Aura who is well versed on the attractions and the history of Aegina.

In the evening you can stroll from the hotel to the nearby shops, taste some sweets made with Aegina’s exquisite pistachios or head to one of the town’s delightful open-air cinemas. The 19-room Aegina Hotel, which offers main comforts such as fridge, AC and wifi internet in every room, is a wonderful, artistically inspiring place to experience the best of Aegina.


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Hotel Aegina
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