Ganimede, Galaxidi

Ganimede, Galaxidi

In Greek mythology Ganymede is the most beautiful of mortals, and this property lives up to its name. Prepare yourself for a Greek hospitality experience and a culinary trip from the heart of Mainland Greece.

Galaxidi has always been a classy, cultured town, and Ganimede is the perfect example of its past and present glory. This property is in fact an island of sophistication that will impress you as soon as you walk in to the courtyard.

To begin with, Ganymede is known for its spectacular award-winning homemade breakfast, complete with an assortment of breads, cakes, savory pies, fresh orange juice and omelets. There are some amazingly mouthwatering chutneys and delicious jams that are prepared onsite, and that luckily find their way to your table in the morning too. So good is this breakfast that it was awarded as the best Greek Breakfast in the region by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels.

 As for the rooms, you’re in for a pleasant surprise as well. There’s a nostaligic 19th century feel with large beds, vintage wardrobes and old-world charm that are in line with what this stone mansion probably looked like decades ago. That said, the bathrooms have been completely renovated, while modern amenities such as satellite television, air conditioning, hairdryer and wifi add the finishing touches.

From sipping the hearty homemade lemonade in the courtyard to having a Greek coffee on the first-floor terrace, this lovely little property will immerse you in a first-class Greek village experience. Beyond the confines of this oasis of tranquility, you can walk to a number of beaches in the vicinity and discover a variety of good restaurants in town. The management organizes hiking trips and visits to Delphi and beyond, adding an important ecotourism dimension to your stay here.

Noteworthy too are the cooking lessons that take place in the property, so if you have a culinary streak ask your kind hosts when the next cooking demonstration is. Luckily, the jams and chutneys are also on sale here, so if you don’t have time to embark on a cooking experience you can at least purchase some of the delicacies at reasonable prices. Ganymede is really a hidden surprise in Galaxidi and will make your stay very enjoyable if you have an appetite for a unique experience laced with tranquility, tradition, class and sheer delight.

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Ganimede, Galaxidi
Location: Fokida
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