Eumelia Organic Farm & Guesthouse

Eumelia Organic Farm & Guesthouse

It is often said that Italy’s Tuscany is a beautiful unique place amid rolling hills of olive groves with a view of the Mediteranean. Yet hidden within the heart of Greece’s Laconia and the Peloponnese, you will find that the hilly terrain surrounding the Eumelia organic farm is just as impressive!

If you’re looking to detach yourself from civilization for a few days, Eumelia is the place to head to. These four stunning houses that fit four people each and a separate lobby lounge building have been built among the olive trees by Frangiskos Karelas. His direct ancestors some 200 years ago once tended to the same trees found on the property today. You’ll immediately fall in love with these houses, as well as the couple who tends to them and the animals around the farm, including the friendly dogs and cats.

Every now and then, the serenity of this stunning place is punctuated by a music concert, spiritual seminar or workshop, offering a superlative retreat to find yourself or just plain enjoy yourself. Do check Eumelia’s site to see what’s going on and when.

On the eco front you’ll find delicious organic jams and olive oil that are produced on the estate itself, which you get to taste at the hearty breakfast. There are also fully stocked kitchenettes in the apartments.

An important advantage that Eumelia boasts is its proximity to some of the most stunning parts of the Peloponnese. The list is endless, and the must-see destinations include the Byzantine town of Mystras, the castle and village of Geraki, the idyllic seaside town of Gythio, the towers of southern Mani, the amazing island of Elafonissos, the stone-built town of Areopoli, the famous Diros Caves and the captivating beauty of the castle rock, Monemvasia.

Nature lovers will enjoy hiking, biking and horseback riding opportunities, as well as a visit to the Evrotas River Delta. There are many beaches in the region too, such as Mavrovouni, Tigania, Elia, Bozos and Plytra to name just a few. These are just some of the reasons why Eumelia is a quiet piece of paradise that just happens to be the perfect hub to discover the Southern Peloponnese. Some secrets are really worth sharing.





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Eumelia Organic Farm & Guesthouse
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