Cretan Traditional Villas

Cretan Traditional Villas

Welcome to the southern side of Crete, definitely calmer and more authentic than the northern coast. This is where several breathtaking villas around two lovely traditional villages of Siva and Kamilari offer great bases to discover the area!

A captivating mix of traditional villas, some built over 100 years ago, have been totally renovated and represent dreamy Mediterranean homes not far from Crete’s warm southern shores and plentiful sunshine. Close to the relatively popular seaside town of Matala, once known as a hangout for hippies from all over the world in the 60s and 70s, the villas hide serenely around the picturesque villages of Siva and Kamilari.

Variety for all

While the five independent Phaestias Villas just a few minutes’ walk from the sea will lure those who want to swim, visitors seeking the ultimate authentic experience will love the 100-year-old stone villas of Pasiphae, Kamilari and Sivas. There’s even one cottage called Metochi that was built in 1823. All of these were renovated in recent years and offer all of today’s comforts from Wi-Fi internet to swimming pool.

For those who want something extra, there is a handful of luxury villas that are perfect for demanding couples or large families, always with an element of authentic Cretan architecture and philosophy.

Attractions the will leave you breathless

To begin with, the nearby beach of Komo near the church has a delightful ‘taverna’ to experience good Cretan cuisine. More busy and touristic is Kalamaki – good if you like a livelier atmosphere – but we recommend the neighboring Kamilari which has more charm as a village and a fine beach as well. Also noteworthy in the area is the quiet beach of Kokkinos Pyrgos which is popular with surfers and has a couple of good fish taverns, not known by mass tourism.

More inland, on the gentle slopes of Asterousia Mountains, the traditional village of Sivas – where some of our villas are – will enthrall you with its 1000 years of history. The historic houses are well preserved, and there are some archeological tombs that date over 4000 years not far from the village. Being in Greece, you must visit some of the ancient sites on the south shore of Crete such as Phaistos, Gortys and Aghia Triada to marvel at their archeological ruins. This is best done early in the morning if you’re visiting in the hot months of July and August.

Staying at the Cretan Villas will open up all of Southern Crete for you to discover, from its beaches and villages to its archeological sites and hiking paths. Add good food and very friendly people to the mix, and you have yourself an excellent stay that combines relaxation with history, gastronomy, hospitality and plain fun.


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