Chrysiida Luxury Suites

Chrysiida Luxury Suites

Life on Crete is known to be relaxing. The locals are proud of there easy-going culture, healthy cuisine and fantastic nature. Set in a traditional village, just a short walk from the beach, Chrysiida Luxury Suites give you a great opportunity to experience the Cretan way of life at its very best.

The three suites at Chrysiida and their onsite swimming pool represent a great setting to explore this fascinating part of Crete, particularly its heritage, gastronomy, beaches and outdoor allure. The experience becomes even better with the warm Cretan hospitality offered by the staff who contribute to the homely ambiance. Modernity, natural light and elegance at Chrysiida mix with tradition against a backdrop of vibrant gardens and gentle mountains. Nearby, within walking distance, the cozy fishing village of Tersanas lies right on the beach and offers great seafood, as well as sandy shores to sun and swim. Each suite can comfortably house as many as six people.

Explore, hike, ride your bike and dive…

The well-known 1964 film Zorba the Greek, which was filmed on a sandy beach not far from Chrysiida Luxury Suites is worth visiting as it still carries the same Mediterranean energy that it did back then. The Suites lie on the Akrotiri peninsula – almost like a small island emerging from the bigger island of Crete – to offer a number of beaches near rolling hills that are ideal to explore (e.g. Kalathas, Loutraki, Marathi, Stavros, Tersanas).

Yet the beauty of the area lies also in its gorgeous landscapes, rich history, and fascinating religious monuments. A magical local experience includes visiting two historic monasteries nearby: the 17th century Agia Triada and the Gouverneto Monastery which is like a fortress.


A hike through the Avlaki gorge and the abandoned Katholiko monastery founded by St. John the Hermit will leave you breathless. You can hike to many different spots and attractions right from the suites, including. On the way, there are three notable caves to discover, one of which is called Arkoudiotissa (meaning female bear) with a stalagmite that resembles the animal. The caves were used in religious ceremonies in ancient times, and then by Christian hermits.

Last but not least, the property also provides bikes for rent, offering a great way to discover the area. Diving enthusiasts will also appreciate the chance to explore the seas nearby, and owner Mr Papaioannou will be more than happy to get you in touch with the nearby diving club.

Green practices

The owners of Chrysiida Suites are one of the few small properties in the region to adopt a green philosophy. They make an effort to reduce all kinds of waste and energy consumption (energy efficient appliances, lighting and more). Water reduction, such as a towel reuse program and more careful use of water in cleaning, is also part Chrysiida’s green program. The property has put an effort to train staff and involve clients in the green philosophy, while actively seeking out more eco-friendly products and services. Use of eco-friendly detergents and a deep respect for nature, including the gardens, are also important in our eyes.


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Chrysiida Luxury Suites
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