Blue Fairy Villas, Kournas Lake

Blue Fairy Villas, Kournas Lake

The five stylish residences of Blue Fairy Villas built along beautiful Lake Kournas offer you the luxury of privacy with the convenience of Crete’s top destinations at your fingertips.

Nestled between the majestic White Mountains and the Cretan Sea, the opportunities for both adventure and relaxation at Blue Fairy Villas are endless. Start your day with exploring the lake by hiking and biking or on the water in a kayak or canoe, and end it by enjoying a refreshing glass of Cretan wine on your private terrace at sunset.  You can also swim and sunbathe along the lake’s shore or in one of the two villa’s private pools.

Each of the five villas is stylishly furnished, providing the comforts from home such as free internet access and satellite TV within an idyllic natural setting. Additionally, all come with fully equipped kitchens, giving you the option of dining close to home while taking in breathtaking views from your balcony. With plenty of space inside and countless activities for every age right outside your doorstep, Blue Fairy Villas are a perfect family destination. Couples will also enjoy the general hideaway feeling the area gives off, particularly those staying in one of the two villas featuring a private pool.

Though the ambience and comfort of the villas may entice you to never leave, the beauty of the lake and the surrounding area is hard for anyone to resist. Surprisingly, Lake Kournas is Crete’s only natural lake and is an invaluable ecosystem for dozens of plants and animals. Nature lovers will enjoy the variety of flora which paints the landscape a variety of vivid colours in spring. Birdwatchers can thank the lake’s rich supply of fish and amphibians for attracting a wide range of species throughout the year, including herons, cormorants, moorhens and several types of ducks. Blue Fairy Villas has made the preservation of the lake and surrounding area a top priority by following a strict recycling program as well as the installation of energy-saving light bulbs and solar powered water heating, allowing you to rest assured that your stay will not negatively impact the local environment.

There is no doubt that the natural beauty is the highlight of area, but Kournas much more than just a lake. The village, which is a short walk from the villas, bustles with life and offers you the chance to experience authentic Cretan life. You can leisurely stroll through the quiet alleyways and admire the charming buildings of the village centre. The aroma of freshly baked pies, rabbit stew or fried snails is sure to draw you into one of the many traditional tavernas throughout the village. Crete’s world-famous virgin olive oil as well as fresh, locally-grown produce and dairy products liven up even the simplest of dishes creating tastes that seduce even the choosiest connoisseurs.

If wanderlust drives you further than the village centre, the surrounding White Mountains offer several hiking routes for walkers of all ages and abilities. The area is also ideal for photographers, though you don’t need a camera to appreciate the intoxicating views and experience the mesmerizing effect that the combination of mountains and sea have on those who visit the area. The Cretan is a mere 3 kilometres from the villas and offer sun and fun for all.

Kournas is conveniently located between the enchanting historic cities of Chania and Rethymno, which both feature well-preserved buildings of Venetian architecture. Thrill seekers can travel farther on to hike through the world-famous Samarian Gorge, which features the endangered Kri-Kri goat as well as a large variety of plant life. Additionally, the truly magnificent beaches of Falasarna and Elafonisi are all within an hour’s drive of Kournas.

Whether you wish to explore the island of Crete as a whole or just the shores of enchanting Lake Kournas, Blue Fairy Villas welcomes you to experience the majesty of the region while feeling at home in style and comfort.


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Blue Fairy Villas, Kournas Lake
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Epar.Od.Georgioupolis-Kourna , Kournas, Chania 73007

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