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Although most city hotels are not very environmentally friendly, the lovely Astoria Hotel represents an impressive exception to the rule.

This charming property is a five-minute walk from the main square of Thessaloniki, offering a wonderful base to discover the beauties of the city and beyond. The property has been recently renovated in style by the owner who is also an architect, creating a modern, fashionable hotel that is much closer to a four-star property than to its official 3-star designation. The management has taken every effort to promote environmental awareness and sustainability, from cutting-edge power generation to promoting regional cuisine.

You’ll definitely love the local breakfast featuring fresh fruits, local cheeses and sumptuous Macedonian flavors using a myriad of organic and free-range products. The hotel has partnered with the noteworthy American Farm School of Thessaloniki from where it gets products such as milk, yogurt, eggs, vegetables, cheese and meat.

The owning family also has its own olive groves, vineyards and farms whose bounty inevitably ends up on your dining table. This includes superb honey, unique cherry liqueur (Krana), citrus fruits and strong local pomace brandy known as Tsipouro, made according to a very special family recipe.

Special mention must be made to all eco-efforts within the hotel such as the advanced generator that saves over 50% on electricity and recycles much of its power. Astoria proudly excels in energy management, wastewater management, efficient lighting, and a strong recycling plan for glass, paper, oil and other waste.

Beyond the hotel’s walls, the property’s managing company (P.A.P. Corp.) organizes numerous environmental activities and seminars, particularly in its Halkidiki beachside properties not far from Thessaloniki. For all these reasons and for their comfortable, warm hospitality, we highly recommend the Astoria. We hope more city hotels follow their lead!



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Astoria Hotel
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54626 Tsimiski & 9 Salaminos str. Thessaloniki, Greece

+ 30 2310 505500

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