Annalou Rooms

Annalou Rooms

As soon as you approach Annalou Rooms, you’ll feel that you’re entering into a real Cycladic home with all its hospitality, serenity and island charm.

Annalou is actually a year-round home for this lovely local family who built several lovely private rooms on the top floor with a separate entrance. Indeed the cleanliness of the premises and loveliness of the garden will make you feel like you’re staying in a truly homely place.

Anna, who is known for her warm smile and positive personality, is the ultimate hostess and will ensure that you enjoy your visit to this superb island from the minute she picks you up from the port.

Overall, the quiet, villa-like property with gorgeous sea views is marvelously situated near a host of delicious restaurants and just five minutes from the center of town. A couple of beaches are also within a short walking distance, so are the island’s cozy nightspots and bars.

On the inside, the studio-like rooms boast all the needed comforts such as air conditioning and heating, hair dryer, a stocked kitchenette, and a balcony that has stunning views. Everything looks clean and sharp, and there’s a touch of local art. Energy efficiency and a garden filled with local plants is high also high on the agenda of the owning family, making it a property worthy of being an ecotourism destination.

You’ll love all the hiking, swimming and snorkeling opportunities around you, as you set out to discover the best of this island. If you want a firsthand experience in fishing, the island’s mainstay, ask Anna to arrange a trip out to sea with her husband who has been in the business for decades. This is as authentic a Mediterranean experience as it gets, and you will feel the warmth not only of the sun but also of the hosting family.


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Annalou Rooms
Location: Koufonisi
Open:all-year round
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