Anatoli Labreon

You’re going to fall in love with this little family guesthouse as soon as you walk through the gates. Set on a hill among ancient olive trees with a view all the way to the Ionian Sea, this gem of a hotel is set in Agia Marina, one of the most traditional villages in Zakynthos.

The property was named Anatoli (East) after the outstanding view from its balconies towards the east, and Labreon after the many generations of family owners, affectionately known as the Lambros clan. This superb guesthouse was once the family home, and the beautiful breakfast and kitchen hall beside used to be an old olive press workshop. Overlooking the lush valley and hills of Zakynthos, both buildings have been completely renovated in a way that retains their purely Zakynthian character and charm.

Anatoli Labreon boasts just a handful of rooms for the lucky few and a delightful dining room that serves some of the most delicious home-cooked food on the island upon request. The property is run by Mr. Panagiotis (Takis for short) and his family, who genuinely love everyone that wanders into their guesthouse and garden, validating Anatoli Lambreon as a very deserving member of the EcoZakynthos network.

Apart from this very hospitable family that goes to great lengths to make you comfortable, the Anatoli Labreon has a welcoming swimming pool that adds a very refreshing element to hot summer days. While a fridge in every room, cable internet, AC and spacious bathrooms undoubtedly add to the little hotel’s comforts, it is the human touch that makes your stay exceptional.

In the meantime, you must sample the local breakfast jams made from the garden’s fruit and the fresh melon that grows there in summer. This blessed property also produces high-quality olive oil and wine, both of which will make their way to your table when you dine here. Do arrange for the family to cook for you at least once or twice.

Right across the entrance to the property is the quaint Helmi’s Museum of Natural History which unveils the island’s rich fauna and flora, plus some other interesting global facts. Children especially appreciate a visit to this colorful museum with its collection of birds, shells and butterflies.

Just a three-minute walk from the property, the stunning baroque church of Saint Marina with its very unique bell tower in the village square has been designated as a monument of national heritage by the Greek government. Simply put, you will never see another church quite like this one in Greece.

If you like hiking, head to the next village of Galaro and dine at the amazingly traditional restaurant called To Ladofanaro (The Oil Lamp) built in 1903 and renovated in the old style, a property that is also part of the EcoZakynthos network. There are in fact many hiking paths among the olive groves around the property that will help you connect with nature like never before. Also through the EcoZakynthos network, you can visit a number of traditional shops, restaurants and the Askos Nature Reserve. In the meantime, the Anatoli Labreon can be your cool mountain retreat and starting point to an amazing vacation on Zakynthos.


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