Agroktima Guesthouse

Agroktima Guesthouse

There’s a gorgeous village in the Peloponnese wedged between high green mountains and blue seas. In it you’ll find one of the prettiest guesthouses and garden estates in the village of Leonidio, called the Agroktima.

Agroktima means Agricultural Estate, representing a true Greek experience that combines hospitality and sustainability in a fun, friendly and very authentic Greek environment. Great food, amazing natural surroundings and lots of attractions are always on offer at Agroktima, represented by a collection of stone houses and gardens at the foothills of Mount Parnon. The property is run by a lovely couple, Sarandos and Angeliki who moved from Athens to embrace their dream of a more rural lifestyle. While Sarandos is more than happy to take you on a tour of the organic fruits and vegetables he cultivates, Angeliki welcomes you and gives you tips on how to enjoy your stay.

A natural treasure for activities

Beyond the immediate grounds where visitors can participate in picking fruits (oranges, olives, pomegranates, etc.) if they want, Leonidio offers a true treasure chest full of activities. You can hike to several hilltop churches and enjoy the breathtaking view below. There’s an organized hiking club in the region than can take you on amazing trips through gorges, on easy hikes, or across more challenging routes. You’ll find some amazing monasteries in the great region, like the Monastery of Panagia Elona perched on the cliff sides.

During warmer months swimming by the lovely beaches of the area is a must, while diving in the blue waters of the Mediterranean is also an option, particularly since the Agroktima has teamed up with a PADI-certified diving club in Leonidio. Another great activity that Leonidio is becoming famous for is rock climbing, with as much as 250 routes from easy to difficult that have been recently opened to enthusiasts of this exhilarating eco-sport.

Good food from seaside to mountaintop

Get yourself off to a hearty breakfast in your stone cottage at Leda or Sarandos present you each morning with a basket of goodies from the land to prepare a very hearty breakfast. You’ll certainly get some homemade jams, fresh oranges as well as other fruits and vegetables in season, country eggs and of course some hearty virgin olive oil from the property’s private olive grove.

While breakfast on your terrace is a must, you’re going to enjoy exploring the culinary delights of the region for lunch and dinner. The fish ‘tavernas’ by the port offer a great variety of seafood dishes and the fish is deliciously fresh. You’ll also get to sample dishes made with local ingredients such as the Tsakonian eggplant and local cheese. On the other hand, the mountain villages nearby boast meatier dishes, in line with their local traditions, alongside a whole variety of salads, starters (meze) and vegetarian fare. Down your meal with some local wine or ‘tsipouro’ spirit. For the more conservative, a herb-filled cup of mountain tea will go down well after lunch or dinner.

Overall the gorgeous little stone houses of the Agroktima – built with traditional stone, wood and iron while embracing local Tsakonian architecture and tradition – are a sheer delight to stay in. They’re a great base to discover the riches of this unique region in a welcoming, hospitable environment and are highly recommended. Welcome to Leonidio!



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Agroktima Guesthouse
Location: Arkadia
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Leonidio 223 00, Arkadia

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