Life in Greece as it should be, complete with its traditions, warm hospitality and nature, can truly be experienced at the Pelion des Roses Hotel in the Southern Pelion peninsula, one of Greece’s most beautiful regions.

Staying at the cozy Pelion de Roses, surrounded by a beautiful garden with roses and nature, is more like staying in the country home of a beloved aunt. A hearty breakfast with homemade jams, savory pies and spring omelets made with fresh eggs will greet you every morning, while the Alexandria restaurant will delight you with its refined dishes. The name of the restaurant pays tribute to the Greek-Egyptian owners of the hotel who brought with them the culinary secrets of the Greek civilization from the other side of the Mediterranean.

Apart from the good breakfast, hearty food and good Greek wine, services include wireless internet, and games, while the rooms offer television, air condition, spacious balcony, kitchenettes and refrigerators. That said, you won’t be staying indoors much because there are some amazing activities and eco-friendly tours that you definitely shouldn’t miss!

Before we get to the tours, it is worth mentioning that the property’s location in Platanias, an attractive fishing village that is a blessed one in many ways. It lies near ancient sites, gorgeous beaches, sea caves, old churches, traditional restaurants, numerous hiking paths, two mini markets and a village bakery. If you’re there on the first of July or late August you may enjoy the area’s festivals that are celebrated around various churches.

Cultural and Mythological Tour

Head out on a fascinating cultural and mythological tour of discovery in the land of the Centaurs, and Argonauts, as well as ancient Greek personalities such as Hippocrates, father of Medicine. Appreciate mosaic art that is over 3,000 years old, visit a tiny 18th century church and stop by Mourtias Beach, considered one of the most beautiful in Greece. Bring your camera to take some great shots!

Nature Tour

Refresh yourself in South Pelion’s natural water springs and visit the 18th-century monastery of Saint Spiridon, which played a key role in liberating the country from Ottoman rule. Take an easy hike across the fields by running water, among shady olive trees, orange groves, and chestnut trees. Marvel at the different aromatic herbs such as laurel, oregano, thyme and mint. Learn how the locals cultivate their land with natural spring water and visit a post-Byzantine church with marvelously painted frescoes.

Soap-making Visit

Tour the soap-making workshop at the Pelion des Roses Hotel. Learn how ancient Mediterranean communities made soaps for cleaning and bathing. Watch how organic soaps are made using cold-process soap making with pure local olive oil and aromatic herbs. Drop by the soap display and shop to admire the different soap varieties and scents, and take a heavenly souvenir back home. (8 euros per person)