Eco catamarans sail to Greece!

For the last few years, the island of Ibiza in Spain has been seeing an exciting new eco-friendly activity around its seas: solar catamarans.

Stylish, young and sexy, these vessels represent the latest in eco-friendly sailing, presenting an idea that can easily be adopted across Greece.

Starting with just one catamaran in 2014 under the name La Bella Verde or “The Beautiful Green”, the pioneering eco-charter company was founded by friends Charlie Priestley, Alastair Glover-Main and Maarten Bernhart with a dream of offering an eco-boating experience. The team launched a new customized solar catamaran building service in collaboration with reputable boat builders.

These solar catamarans are now available to the Greek market and let innovative individuals or eco-minded companies to build their own ecotourism business. The boats are just perfect for Greek shores and even lakes, and ideal to create eco trips that go from island to island and of course to different points on the Greek mainland. Ecotourism-Greece is reaching out to tourism stakeholders with a green mind who might want to adopt this great technology and launch these eco catamarans in Greece. Just so you know, they can be shipped to Greece easily and can then be assembled onsite. We hope someone takes up the challenge!


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The first Northeast Aegean Ecotourism Summit will take place on the island of Ikaria from 10-12 April, in the idyllic area of Kampos. It is open to all stakeholders in the Greek hospitality industry such as hotel owners and employees, restaurant owners, tour companies, travel agencies, environmental organizations and other interested parties.