Weaving in Rethymnon

Rethymnon is famous for its weaving and stitching; in fact a particular type of stitch is known as “Rethymnian”, with the cloth drawn upon before stitching commences. Both Zoniana and Anoghia are famous for their weaving, as is Spili. Anoghia is possibly the most traditional place in Crete to find hand woven materials, made on looms which can be traced back several generations.

It has been said that the Anoghia’s special preoccupation with weaving dates back to the second world war when women took up the art due to the deaths of their husbands, murdered by the Nazis. In addition, Anoghia has a small wool factory. Embroidery and lace making is still practiced (to perfection!) in a number of the Amari Valley villages. For basket-weaving, visit Mixorrouma, a short distance outside Spili, where this tradition continues. The Historical and Folk museum of Rethymnon houses a fabulous collection.

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