Transfiguration of Christ Monastery (Meteora monastic complex)

Transfiguration of Christ Monastery (Meteora monastic complex)This is the largest and one of the most spectacular monasteries in Meteora. It stands atop the highest rock pillar, and was founded by St. Athanasios Meteoriti in the early 14thC. King John Paleologos was its co-founder, and became a monk when retreating from secular life. Admire the beautiful architecture, which includes an eerie cellar and impressive balcony. The cellar houses a wonderful folk museum that includes exhibits taken from historical everyday life. Along with the ossuary, explore the main church and its 15th and 16th Century Byzantine frescos and murals. The monastery’s rectory doubles as a museum with artifacts of monastic life and religious relics. Explore the ancient kitchen for a glimpse into the past and into everyday life in this sky-scraping environment.

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