Tithorea & Kato Tithorea

Tithorea in Velitsa has very lush greenery with paths for hiking, and is home to the Kahala Canyon. Larimna (or Larymna) in Opountion also boasts a canyon where the Kiahovrisi springs are located. Lianokladi in Stirfaka municipality has woods with plane trees which are advisable for trekking, while the area of Moshohori or Moschohori has woods with fir trees and oak trees, as well as the Asopos Canyon, all in proximity to the Wildlife sanctuary of Iti. Note that in Moshohori there is a species of fish (Pungitius Hellenicus) which is unique and can’t be found elsewhere on the planet. It thrives in the marshy waters of the Gorgopotamos river. Kato or Lower Tithorea boasts five villages between Mount Parnassos and Mount Kallidromo. Bordering the prefecture of Viotia the village of Agia Paraskevi is one of these, and is set in a stunning natural environment, affording a great view of the landscape and mountains.

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