Thebes and environs

Ancient Thebes figures well in both Greek history and Greek mythology. Its past glory may not be reflected in the modern town of Thebes – or Thiva – today, but there is an excellent archaeological museum there are some sites to visit. These include the remains of the Temple of Ismenios Apollo, a few Mycenaean tombs, the spring of Agii Theodori (Fountain of Oedipus) and the Frankish aqueduct with the fountain of Dirki. Some 18 kilometres away from Thebes is the archaeological site of Plataiai. Other sites near Thiva include Lefktra, Gla and its Mycenaean Acropolis on Mount Ptoon, Tanagra which is known for its terra cotta figurines, and other sites such as Dilessi, Vathi of Avlida and Dliessi.

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