The Venetian Loggia

This is a beautiful building, situated a few yards away from the Basilica of Saint Mark, on 25th of August Street. It was completed in 1628, and designed by Frencesco Morosini (the same year as the fountain bearing his name).

The loggia was a nobleman’s club, and this was the fourth such building to be used for these purposes; a place for the rich and powerful to gather, and make decisions on how life should be led by those outside the building. The ground floor was built in the Doric style of architecture, whilst the upper floor is more ornate, and in the Ionic style. The Turks were to later use this building as their treasury, and in subsequent years it became rather dishevelled, but a superb renovation in the 1990s has the building looking very much like it might have back in the 17th century.


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