The ravine of Mavri Spilia (Black Cave)

A little beyond the village of Proussos and near the military bridge of Kastania, you will find the gorge of Mavri Spilia. The hiking path begins with a delightful stone fountain that takes to a wooden bridge and a 10-meter-high waterfall that forms a pond. The gorge or ravine offers many areas with cascading water and ponds that are ideal for swimming, if a little on the fresh and crisp side. The fauna and flora of the area, plus a wooden bridge over the river create a fantastic scene out of a fairytale. Rappelling down the waterfalls is possible as there bolts and anchors that have been drilled into the rocks. The route ceases at the large entrance of Mavri Spilia or cave. During Ottoman domination and subsequent conflicts, the locals used to hide in the cave.

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