The Aigai Archaeological site

This UNESCO Heritage Site, on the foothills of the “Macedonian mount”, is not only of enormous historical importance but also very scenic.

The ancient city (Asty) was built at the mountain crossing that connected the Macedonian basin with Thessaly, and a road going from the western coast of the Thermaic Gulf to the kingdom’s interior. On the hillside between today’s villages of Vergina and Palatitsia, was the fortified acropolis and the sanctuaries, the Palace, constructed during the reign of Philip II (359-336 B.C.) the royal tombs and the Necropolis. Visitors can also go to the Polycentric Museum and by the end of 2015, two projects, namely the Virtual Museum of Alexander the Great and the New Building of the Polycentric Museum are expected to be completed.

Aigai is technically in Imathia, the region that borders Pieria.


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