Tatarna Monastery Museum

One of the two monasteries in operation (the other being Proussos), Tatarna has a very tumultuous history. It was originally built in the 11th century, destroyed 3 centuries later, then rebuilt in 1556. It was again destroyed in 1823 by the Ottomans as it harboured numerous rebels, to be built again under King Otto in the 1840s. Once again it was destroyed completely in 1963 because of a landslide and was rebuilt 500 meters away where it stands today. Despite all this, its valuable relics and holy objects where saved, including a library which holds 633 texts. Some of these were published in Venice, Vienna and elsewhere. The mosaic icon titled ‘King of Glory’, dating from 1350 AD, is also noteworthy. A library with over 600 texts forms part of this museum. Some of these texts were published in Vienna, Venice and other cities during the 16th century. A mosaic-laid icon called ‘King of Glory’ is also on display dating back to 1350 AD.


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