Sanctuary of Artemis at Aulis

Aulis or “Avlida” as it’s known in Greek was where one of the most dramatic scenes throughout Homer’s Iliad took place. After killing a sacred deer of the Goddess Artemis, the leader of the Greek forces Agamemnon could not set sail for Troy due to a lack of wind.
Unfortunately, Artemis could only be appeased by the sacrifice of his daughter, Iphigenia. Refusing to let anything stop he and his men, Agamemnon requested that his daughter come to Aulis under the false promise of being wed to the prized warrior Achilles. However before she could be slain, Artemis carried her off and the winds began to blow once again, allowing the Greeks to leave for Troy.

Today the site features ruins of several buildings which were erected throughout a span of almost 1000 years. The original temple was built during the 5th century BC, with its foundations being all that remain today. Pottery workshops and other buildings were later built during the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC. The temple was later destroyed at the start of the 4th century AD when Roman Baths were created at the site. Presently, a stone archway and what remains of the baths can still be seen.


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