Roman Agora, Athens

Around the time of Christ, the new Roman Agora established itself as the center of activity in Roman-controlled Athens, especially since the Ancient Greek Agora had long become a historic relic by then.

Commissioned by Emperor Augustus of Rome, it was built between 19-11 BC to host the city’s shops and businesses, along with offices and storerooms in what would be equivalent to today’s mixed-use shopping mall and office building.

Even though only a few remains are visible today, you can easily see the large rectangular shape and image the open-air courtyard surrounded by rows of columns on all its four sides. Interestingly, the Fethiye Mosque from 1456 AD – built over an older Christian church – was recently renovated on the back end of the plot, adding the hallmarks of yet another civilization that passed through the city.

Tips: Most of the Roman Agora can be seen from the road, especially its main attraction – The Tower of the Winds.

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