Proussos Monastery Museum

One of the few monasteries still standing in Evrytania, the Proussos monastery has frescoes dating back to 1785 as well as some from the 13th century, while the church itself is from the 9th century. The wood-carved iconostasis is from 1810. The monastery was built practically in the wild where weather conditions can get tough. There used to be a crypt which now functions as the church, with an allegedly miraculous icon from the Middle Byzantine period. Relics of saints are guarded here, and the decoration in general is remarkable. Old books and manuscripts are also among the relics. A sword from 1821is said to belong to Greek hero Karaiskakis. The monastery was also set on fire many times through the ages, the last time being by the Nazis in the Second World War, who probably discovered that it was a base for the resistance. The monastery has a museum that boasts religious and historical artefacts, including manuscripts and books from as far back as the 15th century. A sword that supposedly belonged to Greek hero Karaiskakis is also on display.


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