Profitis Ilias – Flamboura

The tumultuous history of this monastery and the invaluable role it played during both the Turkish and German occupations is one of the reasons why so many visitors are drawn to this church each year. It was originally part of the larger Rogoi Monastery but became independent in 1720. During the years of Turkish rule, the church contributed both to the welfare of the Greek inhabitants of the region and later to the efforts of the Greek resistance. Sources claim that its abbot, Dionysios I was captured and tortured by the son of the ruler Ali Pasha, Muhtar. The monastery was seriously damaged by the Turks in 1787, but was later rebuilt. More than a century later, another enemy, the Germans, burned the monastery to the ground. Today the monastery can be found in a new building in the area of Flamboura, where the stone iconostasis and catholicon from the original church can be seen.

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