Pieria Mountains

Pieria mountain is a spectacular Macedonian mountain covered in rich vegetation that’s worth visiting throughout the year. It has an altitude of 2,195 and is covered by both deciduous (beech, oak, sycamore, chestnut) and coniferous (pines, firs, pines, bushes) trees. Pieria is a chilly mountain, rich in springs, streams and waterfalls. The landscape is swathed in outstanding natural beauty and of great ecological interest, ideal for a long leisurely hike or even more adventurous pursuits. The standard reference points for visitors here are the two mountain shelters there: that of Ano Milia, at an altitude of 1000m, which is run by the Alpine Club of Katerini; the European Mountaineering Path E4 passes from there, crossing the Pieria Mountains and continuing to Mt Olympus. The other is at Sarakatsana, at an altitude of 1680m, and acts as a stopover for courses that start from the Ritini and the Paliopanayia position.

Photo: www.elatohori-ski.gr


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