Philoppapou Monument Hill

A young monument on Ancient Greek standards that’s just 19 centuries old, Monument was built in 116 AD on a hill to commemorate Gaius Julius Antiochus Epiphanes Philopappus, a prince from an ancient Armenian kingdom of Commagene who was a well-connected aristocrat, Roman consul and senator during that time. A true admirer of Greek culture, he sponsored artistic events and was well revered by all.

The site where the monument was built is much older, however, as it is also the burial place of Musaeus, a 6th century BC mystic and poet who was also the disciple of Orpheus, the legendary musician, prophet and poet as well. That’s why Philoppapus Hill was known in ancient times as Hill of the Muses. Today you get to admire the serenity of this place and the great views that contrast the nature with the vibrant concrete jungle that Athens is.

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