Originally founded in 1861, this former school was a leading centre of the art of iconography during the 19th century. Centuries before the school was opened, the village of Kapesovo became well known for its talented iconographers whose works can be seen in churches throughout Greece. Today it houses a small collection of objects related to the art of iconography as well as well-preserved icons.

If you are looking for a unique and educational experience in Ioannina, you should definitely visit the PASCHALEIOS SCHOOL MUSEUM. This museum is housed in a historic building that was once a school for boys, founded by the benefactor Paschalis Paschaleios. Here you can learn about the history of education and culture in Ioannina, see original documents and artifacts from the school, and admire the beautiful architecture and frescoes of the building. The museum also organizes various events and activities for visitors of all ages, such as workshops, lectures, exhibitions, and guided tours. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover a fascinating aspect of Ioannina’s past and present at the PASCHALEIOS SCHOOL MUSEUM!

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