At Orhomenos there is a vaulted Mycenaean tomb dubbed as the Treasury of Minyas, as well as an ancient acropolis with remains of a theatre (Odeum), temple and other edifices. The monuments of Minyas, built during the 2nd millennium BC and discovered by Heinrich Schliemann in the 1880s, are quite impressive. The Odeum lies at the foot of mount Yfantio to the north of the arched tomb of Minyas, chiselled from the rock with 12 rows of seats. There are inscriptions of the music festivals around the site which was very popular with musicians and dramatists as far as Italy and Asia Minor some 2,500 years ago. It is still used for festivals today. The spring of the Three Graces (Treis Charites) also known as the Akidalia fountain, lies near the springs of the Melana river and is also worth seeing. There are also excavations in the area from Neolithic settlements, including square and circular foundations of houses, palaces, a sanctuary dedicated to Asclepius from Mycenaean times and tombs that are over 5,000 years old.

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