Oiti National Park

This is an amazing national park. Climbers can reach it through Loutra Ipatis in the municipality of Ipati or Ypati, or by road from Kastania and Lihno. Visit the mountain lake of Livadates, discover rare herbs and wild flowers, and rejoice in the nature all around you. There are established mountaineering tracks all over the park and a mountain lodge at Trapeza. The park has many peaks above 2000 meters with numerous caves such as Anemotrypa above the village of Ypati. The alpine plateau of Livadies grows interesting herbs and grasslands, and features a pond that floods in summer. Greek fir trees abound in high altitudes, with other kinds of trees at lower regions. The park has been designated as a Special Protection Area for birds, including many endemic invertebrates. Many habitats exist in a small area, but sadly illegal hunting threatens them. Climbers can access the park through Loutra Ipatis in Ypati or from Kastania and Lihno by road.

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