Neohori is a village spread on the hill slopes above Lake Plastira at an altitude of 900-1050 metres. Birds make up a wonderful part of the natural environment and native species include the redneck, wild canary, and the wood thrush. Foxes and wolves are still present in the area. The old village school has been redesigned to serve as the Centre for Environmental Education, Research, and Information and maintains an up-to-date environmental database,while managing natural resources and helping protect the ecosystem of the area.
The Botanical Gardens of Neohori are open daily and welcome visitors to enjoy the brush covered ecosystem of the region, as well as a tree nursery containing linden trees, firs, water plants, herbs and ornamental plants. There is an unexplored cave at Neohori named Drakotripa (Dragon Hole). A wonderful view towards the Plain of Thessaly and region can be enjoyed from the visitor’s hostels of the village.

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