Museum of Nikopolis

This relatively new museum is a must-see for any travellers passing through Preveza. The current museum is the third of its kind, with the first being destroyed during World War 2 and the second being built and finished in 2006. It was finally open in 2009 and lies just 5 miles outside the city next to the site itself.The museum features several fascinating artefacts that span the entire span of the city from its foundation by Octavian in 31 BC up until its abandonment in 1291. The latest museum is an impressive space totalling more than 2,000 square meters and displaying remnants of both the Roman and Byzantine periods of the city.

Some of the most noteworthy exhibits include several impressive mosaics, marble sarcophaguses, marble statues of various Roman political and military leaders and Roman gods, as well as coins, hair pins and other everyday articles recovered from the site.


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