Mt. Ochi

Evia’s highest mountain is also its most biologically diverse.

There are several plant species that can only be found in a handful of places aside from its craggy slopes which reach a maximum altitude of 1399 m. at Profitis Ilias. Among these are  Stachys euboica and  Fritillaria enhartii. Another plant that is found mostly on the island of Naxos, Cerastium runemarkii , can be spotted within the peaks of Ochi. The famous Evian mountain tea Sideritis euboica grows at altitudes above 800 m. on Ochi. Several rare species of wildflowers also flourish here, such as Cholhicum euboeum and Silene pentelica.

Ochi is also home to a variety of tree species, such as chestnut, oak, maple, rowan, ash, holly and the rare yew forest tree. The diverse vegetation of the mountain area attracts many bird species, many of which are also endangered.



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