Montofoli Estate Wines

Known for its signature sweet wine, the Montofoli Estate has been an important site of culture dating back to antiquity. Several artefacts were found throughout the area and can now be seen in the Archaeological Museum of Karystos.

The land provided the backdrop for a number of rulers throughout the centuries, though by the mid-20th century it had fallen into decay. That is until 1986, when the Karakosta family again breathed life into the land, and began planting the vines that would go on to prouduce award-winning wines. The old remnants of buildings which had been left abandoned on the property were carefully restored in order to preserve their rich historical character.

Today the estate is best known for its signature sweet white wine, which is made from Asyrtiko, Athiri and Liatiko grapes. Another vintage is the amber-hued Montofoli Gold which is another sweet wne that has been aged 5-10 years.  Montofoli also produces a dry white wine of the Savatiano variety along with a red merlot. The estate holds wine tours during the summer and also frequently hosts a variety of cultural events. Some of the old buildings have been converted into guesthouses where visitors can book accommodation. ( For more information on staying at Montofoli, you can see our “Eco-Stay” section).


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