Monastery of Osias Theoktistis and the chapel of Theoskepastis

This monastery is located near the village of Pigi in the northern part of Ikaria, and is dedicated to St. Theoktisti from Lesbos. The date of its foundation remains unknown, though it is sure to have been in operation from at least 1688, when the church’s sanctuary was painted, as an original inscription reads on its southern wall. The entire complex is comprised of the sanctuary which contains elaborate frescoes, 15 cells and various other facilities. Just a few metres from the sanctuary lies the chapel of Theoskepastis, built into the interior of a cave, below  a large rock formation. According to local tradition, when the villagers discovered the remains of the saint within a crypt located behind the sanctuary, they brought them to the cave and designated the area as a chapel. Within its interiors remains an old wood-carved mantle dating back to 1894.

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