Monastery of Ioannis Kalavitis Psachnon

The picturesque Monastery of Ioannis Kalivitis is located roughly 5 klm. from the village of Psachna in the western section of central Evia. The church is famed not only for its beautiful location within the surrounding greenery, but also for the interesting story regarding the martyr it honours. According to tradition, the monastery was named after Ioannis Kalavitis, the son of wealthy parents in Constantinople. Born in 460 AD, the boy began reading and studying the New Testament from a young age, though his father tried to discourage it, preferring that his son pursue more of a traditional education.

Determined to continue his spiritual journey, Ioannis ran from his home and became a monk. After spending many years at the monastery, John returned to his paternal home, emaciated from fasting. His parents, who believed their son had died long ago, didn’t recognise him and accepted in their home as a monk. It was only shortly before his death that he gave them the Bible they had given him as a child and revealed his true identity.


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