Messenikolas Village

Messenikolas is a village within the Plastiras municipality, 22 kilometres from Karditsa and only two from Morfovouni. The village lies in a natural amphitheatre at an altitude of 700 metres. The waters of the streams of Gravra and Aposkitis flow through the area, complete with rushing fountains and springs. Of the many peaks surrounding the village, Taxiarchis-Zabataka with an altitude of 1,000 metres is known for its abundant vegetation that includes the rare endemic species Messenicoliana Kentavria.


Wildlife species include foxes, weasels, hares, wolves, wildcats, wild boar, badgers and snakes. Nearly all the heights surrounding Messenikolas offer wonderful views. The ecosystems of the area are regionally important. In the locality of Kalpoyzana there is a mountainous ravine with crab-apples, woods, shrub cedars and oaks, walnut trees, wild asparagus and blackberries. At Platanos-Lahkes, the microclimate favours a diversity of crops. At Betonica there are patches of wild strawberries, betonica, wild oregano, and edible wile greens. The woods are rich in birds and vegetation. Lake Plastira is in a landscape of especial beauty. The sites of Magoula, Tragassia, Messorahi, Petralono, and Papalexina are accessible by unpaved roads.


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