Messene Archaeological Museum

This museum is representative of the thousands of relics and finds associated with Messene. The reliefs and sculptures on display in this seemingly modest museum come from excavations at Oiknomou, Orlandos and Sophoulis. All the finds reveal much about the ancient history and customs of the peoples who have occupied this diverse and historically rich area. Worthy objects include an almost intact statue of Hermes and the headless statue of Tiberius Claudius Niceratus, as well as terracotta figurines, votive plaques, pottery, lamps and more. Add to this sculptures by the Messenian sculptor Damophon and the headless statues of Machaon and Podaleirios, as well as the larger-than-life head of the Herakles Thebaios, statues of priestesses and animal sculptures. This is a rich museum overall as far as small ones go, with a lot to show for.

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