Melas Olive Oil Domain

Prepare yourself for an enchanting trip through the land of olive oil in the heart of the Peloponnese. A visit to Melas Olive-Oil Estate and its olive groves will amaze you and teach you all you need to know about this “green gold”.

The Peloponnese has been making olive oil for millennia, in a process reaching great heights to produce an excellent product which promotes health, beauty and good nutrition.

Whether you’ re visiting the gorgeous town of Nafplion and its castle or the magnificent ancient theatre of Epidaurus, a trip to Melas Olive Oil Domain will be very rewarding. Wherever you’re from, the people at Melas Estate will gladly welcome you and proudly show you their factory.

To begin with, Melas only produces extra virgin olive oil, which has won a “Protected Designation of Origin” label, as the Manaki olive variety used comes from the immediate vicinity. Other than extra virgin olive oil, Melas also produces organic extra virgin olive oil, both of which exported to markets all over Europe and America.

When you arrive to Melas, you will be impressed by the surrounding fields filled with olive trees. Begin the tour from the noble olive trees in the field and learn about the fascinating olive all process. The guided tours are given in English, French or Greek.

During the tour, the estate’s managers will explain every step of the process, from harvesting and processing to bottling and storing. You’ll learn about the annual cycle of the olive tree and gain valuable knowledge about olive oil production through a visit to this professional family-owned olive-oil factory.

You’ll also love the tasting session at the end of the tour, which unveils the great taste of olive oil, served with feta cheese, cucumber and country bread. You won’t resist taking some of this amazing olive oil back home with you, now that you’ve become an olive-oil connoisseur. Lastly, the Estate also produces organic cosmetics such as creams and soaps made exclusively from organic extra virgin olive oil offering all nature’s benefits.

Check their olive tours below:

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