Megalithic Figures, South East Ikaria

Ikaria’s south east region is dotted with unexplained ancient artefacts which have yet to be studied extensively. They point to the existence of a civilisation which inhabited the island during prehistoric times. It’s worth noting that important artefacts have been found around the acropolis of Drakanou, where ruins of ancient quarries, graves, dockyards and port structures can be seen. Just north of Drakano in the area known as “propezoulori”, there are large, single-stone columns, some still upright and most laying on the the ground. Made from slate or limestone, these columns do not surpass 2.5 metres. It has been suggested that they are the remains of an ancient, sacred area of the island.

Similar structures can also be found close to the village of Kountoumas, near Vofilas, where one can see a unique, trapezoid structure, indicating that the area was once a sacred place of worship.  Other large stone structures have been found in the village of Glaredo within the valley of Erifis. Here, the remnants of a neolithic settlement contain ruins of houses and large amounts of shells, ceramic pottery and fragments of obsidian. Finally, similar bulky, stone structures can be found in the village of Katafygi and along the road between Tsouredo and Mavrato.

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