Mazi is located close to the current village Skilloundia, some 6 km from Krestena.

Excavations revealed a graveyard in which 13 tombstones from the classical period were discovered. The foundations of a temple, built from shell-like stones made of marble, similar to the roof and interior, were revealed. Interior pediments portrayed scenes from the Amazonian battles and battles of the Giants. The temple is thought to have been built by Xenophon and dedicated to Artemis or Athina. Another graveyard was later found. The entire area was called Skilloundia during the Ancient times. A burial ground was excavated on the hill of the prophet Ilia at Makrisia and several tombstones with a plethora of belongings were found at Kania in Makrisia and at Diassela. In the broader area of the village of Makrisia, Mycenaean monuments have also been discovered.


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